Magnetic Child Lock

Helps prevent baby/toddler from getting into cupboards/drawers as well as preventing slamming little fingers when attempting to open cupboards/drawers.

Available in different pack sizes and combinations – scroll down to SIZES and select: Key Only | 2 Locks + 1 Key | 2 Locks Only | 4 Locks + 1 Key | 8 Locks + 2 Keys

Important Advice: Inspect your drawer inside first. NB! There must be enough space between the top of the drawer and the sides on the inside of the drawer to accommodate the lock.
Gap must be 4cm or more. Scroll down for a detailed image.
*Suitable for drawers with metal sides inside, barring the gap adheres to above.*

CLICK HERE for an alternative magni-locks for Drawers’ option (Also with its own limitations…)

  • Shipped and at your door in 2 days! Courier Fees Apply from R65 (JHB/Midrand/PTA)

*Scroll down for more info, how to use and installation instructions and video. Please read through carefully BEFORE purchasing or attempting to install.

Special Feature: The lock has a disable feature so drawer/cupboard can open normally when baby is not around. Locks are not visible from outside the cupboard.

One lock is required for each cupboard, but one magnetic key will open all cupboards and drawers. It is suggested that you purchase one key for each room that you are childproofing to avoid having to carry the key from room to room.

♥ Shipped and at your door in 2 days! Courier Fees Apply from R65 (JHB/Midrand/PTA) – Other regions in South Africa vary

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Colour: White
Material: Non-toxic PS plastic.

Main Function:  The Magnetic child lock helps prevent babies/toddlers from getting into cupboards/drawers as well as preventing slamming little fingers when attempting to open cupboards/drawers.

  • The magnetic child lock is super strong and robust enough to withstand the superior strength of the most determined toddler.
  • The system is very easy to use. When installed inside a cupboard, the lock will automatically lock the cupboard when you close it. To open, simply touch the magnetic key against the front of the door.
  • The lock is fitted inside the cupboard or drawer and is completely concealed within the cupboard or drawer. No more child locks on the outside of your cabinets spoiling the beauty of your home.
  • The magnetic child lock keeps cupboard doors/drawers tightly shut so there are no pinched fingers.
  • Easy installation method requires no tools or drilling, therefore causing no damage to cupboards. A high bond double-sided tape is included with the locks. This tape is strong enough to withstand great force but is easy to remove once the locks are no longer needed.
  • Both the cupboard and drawer locks have a disable feature. A simple switch that deactivates the magnetic child lock, allowing you to open and close your cupboards and drawers in the normal manner when they are no longer needed. This feature may also be useful in cases when the children are out of the house for the weekend, for example. The Magni lock is the ideal childproofing product for grandparents, as the locks can be disabled while the grandchildren aren’t around and are only enabled when the grandchildren are visiting.

Installation Instructions: 

Please read through carefully BEFORE purchasing or attempting to install, video available further down.

You will need:

  • Methylated Spirits to clean area where the product will be installed.
  • A dry clean cloth to clean the area

How to install:

  1. Clean area with spirits and use a dry, clean cloth to wipe away any remaining oil or dirt.
  2. Keep the key within reach when installing.
  3. Refer to below images to ascertain the best placement of the lock for your cupboard or drawer – sideways (for drawers mostly) or upright (for cupboards mostly).
  4. Once you have figured out the best position and placement, you can start by installing the lock catcher first, refer to below images. Ensure that the catch is facing the right way, otherwise the lock won’t “catch”

  5. Remove the non-stick sleeve exposing the sticky adhesive tape and stick down, hold down for 20 seconds.
  6. In some instances, drawers are embedded within the frame, refer to image below.

    • In this instance leave enough space from the front to allow for the drawer to close even when the magni-lock is installed. In other words, the catch must be placed slightly inwards/to the back, the same distance as the width of the drawers’ front (the width of the wood, generally 1,2cm)
  7. Here comes the tricky part: You will need to approximate where the lock needs to be placed on the cupboard door/drawer ensuring it can catch properly when closed. Place the small silver sticker provided on the outside of the drawer/cupboard where the lock has been placed (this is to guide you as to where the lock is when the door/drawer is closed.)
  8. Keep the key close in case your first guess is correct BEFORE closing the cupboard door/drawer.  Test the key against the lock by softly placing it against the outside where the lock is and where you have put the silver sticker.
  9. Once your magni-lock is placed correctly and its working effectively, hold the lock down for 20 seconds ensuring the lock is stuck down properly.
  10. De-activate and leave to set for at least 24 hours before using. (This is to ensure the adhesive sets properly and that the product won’t come off easily) – refer to image below

Video Credit: Safety Baby


2 Locks and 1 Key, 2 Locks Only, 4 Locks and 1 Key, 8 Locks and 2 Keys, Key Only