Dreambaby Wrist Buddy

Keep your little adventurer close with the Dreambaby Wrist Buddy, designed with comfort and safety in mind. Adjustable strap to fit any age, even your teen could where it!

  • Dreambaby Wrist Buddy’s are easy to use and ideal for shopping centers, busy streets, and public areas such as beaches or parks.

*Scroll down for more info and the controversy surrounding Kid leashes and harnesses*

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Dreambaby Wrist Buddy Product Features:

  • The Dreambaby Wrist Buddy is a toddler safety tether with an adjustable wrist strap.
  • Keeps your little adventurer close when walking or traveling outside the home.
  • Secure one end to your child and the other to yourself or to the stroller.
  • Strap is made from adjustable, comfortable material.
  • Helps prevent potentially serious accidents and dangerous situations.
  • Allows your curious toddler to feel a sense of independence while remaining safe.

CLICK HERE for more baby/toddler safety gear product options.

Are Kid Leashes or Harnesses Bad?

There isn’t much data that points to child leashes being a cause of injury. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (USPC) hasn’t issued any recalls for safety harnesses or toddler leashes. Add to that, there doesn’t seem to be many injury reports associated with these products. (If you have one and want to look up a specific item or brand, you can search through the injury reports at the USPC’s saferproducts.gov.)  ….Read full article

Important Notice:

  • Do not use the Dreambaby Wrist Buddy for prolonged lengths of time, this can be considered child abuse.
  • Use only when necessary and for its intended use: to keep your child close when there are crowds.
  • Also do not rely on the wrist buddy too much, paying no attention to your child and assuming the tether/harness is there to take over your role as a parent or caregiver can be very dangerous.

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1 review for Dreambaby Wrist Buddy

  1. Greg Stenning

    Super handy! Very convenient way to not lose sight of my son in shopping centres, especially when I just can’t carry him another step & he thinks he’s too big for a stroller.

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Shipped and at your door in 1-2 working days! Courier Fees Apply from R75 (JHB/Midrand/PTA) – Other regions in South Africa vary