Dreambaby Safety Harness

The Dreambaby Safety Harness is the best way to keep your active toddlers close and safe in crowds or during family outings.

  • Complete with anchor straps, also helps keep toddlers from climbing out of high chairs, strollers and seats.

  • Shipped and at your door in 1-2 working days! Courier Fees Apply from R75 (JHB/Midrand/PTA) – Other regions in South Africa vary

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Dreambaby Safety Harness Product Features:

  • Easy to pack and ideal for travel, in a restaurant or on holiday.
  • Made from soft, strong yet comfortable material.
  • Complete with anchor straps for strollers and high chairs. Simply slip over your little ones shoulders and attach behind the chair or stroller. Made from soft, strong yet comfortable material.
  • Helps prevent potentially serious falls and accidents.
  • Also suitable as a walking harness in busy crowds

Important Notice:

Do not use the Dreambaby Wrist Safety Harness for prolonged lengths of time, this can be considered child abuse.  Use only when necessary and for its intended use: to keep your child close when there are crowds. Also do not rely on the Safety Harness too much, paying no attention to your child and assuming the tether/harness is there to take over your role as a parent or an informed caregiver can be very dangerous, as it is with any safety product

Dreambaby Safety Harness – FAQ

Q: How does it work? (I.e. converting from one use to another)  Can you use it as a single strap instead of reins?

A: To attach the harness to a stroller, chair, or high chair you will need to detach the anchor strap from the harness. Then, thread the sewn loop through the attachment point of the stroller or chair you are using. Pass the anchor strap clip through the sewn loop and pull strap tightly and clip the anchor straps into the connectors on both sides of the waist band. Please note, this cannot be used as a single strap harness.

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Are Kid Leashes or Harnesses Bad?

There isn’t much data that points to child leashes being a cause of injury in and of themselves. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (USPC) hasn’t issued any recalls for safety harnesses or toddler leashes, and there doesn’t seem to be many injury reports associated with these products. (If you have one and want to look up a specific item or brand, you can search through the injury reports at the USPC’s saferproducts.gov.)  ….Read full article





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Shipped and at your door in 1-2 working days! Courier Fees Apply from R75 (JHB/Midrand/PTA) – Other regions in South Africa vary