Dreambaby 27cm Liberty Gate Extension

The Dreambaby Liberty Gate Extensions work in conjunction with the Dreambaby Liberty Security Gate or Liberty Xtra Wide Hallway Gate to extend the width of the gate for wide openings. By using the correct extensions, one can extend the hallway gate up to 3 meters.

Important before purchasing any gate: Take proper measurements, also remembering to take the skirting into account.

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Important before purchasing any gate: Take proper measurements, also remembering to take the skirting into account.

What are Dreambaby Liberty Gate Extensions used for?

Gate Extensions add versatility and many extra uses to standard sized safety gates.  Extensions allow you to use gates all around the home, including areas with wider openings.  Gate extensions are a great way to create Child Proof zones/areas.

For example: by using 2 x 1 meter Dreambaby Extensions, you can extend the Dreambaby Liberty Xtra-Wide Hallway Gate Adjusts Between 99-108cm  up to 3,08m.



Of course, not all hallways or stairways fit standard gate measurements – using an extension means that this does not jeopardize the security of your child, even areas/rooms which require a much longer partition/barrier. Simply add the correct sized extensions to extend any standard gate until it fits the area you need it to.


If the area you would like to create a barrier for is even wider than 3 meters, consider using the Dreambaby Royale Converta 3-in-1 Playpen Gate, this an extra long gate that must be hardware mounted. Standard size is 3.8m wide and 74cm tall, can be extended to 5,04m by adding 2 Panel Royale Converta Extensions.

Please feel free to contact me (WhatsApp Michelle: 082 499 5858) should you need advise on which gate and extensions you would need. This can sometimes be tricky, knowledge is everything. Before you get in touch, please take a photo of the area and measurements. (Measure on the floor, skirting to wall/balustrade or whatever the set up… Chat soon ;o)

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