Dreambaby 27cm Baby Gate Extension

The Dreambaby 27cm Baby Gate Extension works in conjunction with the Dreambaby Standard Baby Safety Gate or Liberty Xtra Wide Hallway Gate to extend the width of the gate for wide openings. By using the correct extensions, one can extend the hallway gate up to 3 meters.

Important before purchasing any gate:

Take accurate measurements. Remember to take the skirting into account. The maximum adjustable size of the gate includes the tension knobs on the sides, used to secure the gate

Useful Articles to read before purchasing your gate/s and extension/s:

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Dreambaby 27cm Baby Gate Extension Product Features:

The Dreambaby 27cm Baby Gate Extension can be used with standard sized Dreambaby gates to extend the width of the gate for wider openings.

What are Gate Extensions used for?

  • Gate extensions add versatility to standard sized safety gates.
  • Extensions allow you to use gates all around the home, including areas with wider openings.
  • A great way to create childproof zones/areas without having to baby proof your whole house.

For example: by using 2 x 1 meter Dreambaby Extensions, you can extend the Dreambaby Liberty Xtra-Wide Hallway Gate  up to 3,05m.



Dreambaby Liberty Gate Extension – Installation Instructions:

CLICK HERE to download Instructions

Important before purchasing any gate:

  • Take accurate measurements.
  • Remember to take the skirting into account.
  • The maximum adjustable size of the gate includes the tension knobs on the sides used to pressure mount the gate.

Useful Articles to read before purchasing your gate/s and extension/s:

Additional support for gates on the floor

Supporting extra wide gates that have extensions on the floor (on either side) so they don’t shift is important. To do this, I use foam sealant tape available in the shop section here available per meter or in 10m rolls.



Need an extra long barrier gate thats over 3 meters?


If the area you would like to create a barrier for is even wider than 3 meters, consider using the Dreambaby Royale Converta 3-in-1 Playpen Gate, this an extra long gate that must be hardware mounted (drilled into the wall). Standard size is 3.8m wide and 74cm tall, can be extended to 5,04m by adding 2 Panel Royale Converta Extensions.


Dreambaby Royale Converta EXTRA LONG BARRIER GATE Size: WITH Extensions VS WITHOUT Extensions



Dreambaby Banister Adaptors

  • Dreambaby Banister Gate Adaptors are a great solution to fixing your safety gates to railings, balustrades and wall corners.
  • Easily fitted and require no tools for installation
  • The perfect item for those living in a rental or temporary accommodation.


Here is a quick Illustration and example on how to calculate the baby gate accessories you may need …read more



Extra precautions to consider:

1. Glow in the Dark Tape for Stairs and Baby Gates



Product Features:

  • Size: 10mm thick
  • Available per running meter – CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
  • The neon glow feature gives you a quick heads up to step over the horizontal bar found at the bottom of pressure mounted baby gates, especially in the dark.

Why the fuss?

  • As a baby proofing specialist, one of my biggest challenges has been the horizontal bar found at the bottom of ALL pressure mounted gates.
  • Especially considering these gates are mostly installed at the top and bottom of Stairways and can pose a toe thumping, tripping hazard.
  • Pressure mounted gates these days are super popular as they are secure, well manufactured and there is really no need for drilling.
  • The gates come with 4 ‘mounting cups’ and strong double sided tape, these cups go between the wall and the pressure spindles/tension knobs.

Dreambaby Gate Tension Knobs and Mounting Cups

  • Once the gate is up and these side spindles/tension knobs have been tightened into the cups, the cups with double sided tape keep the gate secure and in place.
  • Disclaimer: Be sure to leave the double sided tape to set for at least 24 hours before tugging and putting unnecessary pressure on the gate. Patience is everything!

What about using a ramp?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any ramps available in SA to test out, although I have seen these overseas. Even so, I don’t think they would fit on most stairs as they are bulky.


2. Baby Gate Reinforcement Lock 2 Pack



  • The Baby Gate Reinforcement Lock – 2 pack is ideal if you have already purchased a baby gate that doesn’t have an additional lever locking system at the bottom.
  • We recommend installing the lever lock on both sides; hence the quantity per pack is two.
  • Although toddlers are more inclined to push rather than pull, their determination and developing motor skills will soon allow them to do both.  Safety is paramount and there is no room for error.
  • This product comes with screws and will need to be hardware mounted to the bottom of your gate using a drill and 4mm steel drill bit.

CLICK HERE for more baby/toddler safety gates, extensions and playpens.

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    Worked perfectly to extend our extra wide hallway gate to 130cm! Thanks for your help on WhatsApp 🙂

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