Door Hinge Gap Protector – 2 Pack

The Door Hinge Gap Protector is used to prevent babies/toddlers from getting their fingers slammed in the hinge part of the door.

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*Scroll down for more info, including installation instructions and how to use.*

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Door Hinge Gap Protector Product Features:

  • Colour: White
  • Size:  Diameter of 3.6cm | Height: 7.7cm
    Material: Polyethylene (PE) vs Polypropylene (PP) – Non-toxic and safe.
  • Special Feature:  Comes with a storage hanger that can be mounted on the frame of the door to hang the door stopper when not in use.
  • Main Function:  Helps prevent baby from getting their fingers slammed in the door.  Also prevents loud noises from slamming doors whilst baby sleeps. Also prevents door from slamming shut with toddler inside.

How to use the Door Hinge Gap Protector 

  • Clip on hinge whilst door is open, be sure to clip on the inside of the door frame where you can see the hinge and screws – refer to product images
  • When the gap protector is not in use i.e. the door is closed; Simply slip it into the storage hanger provided. This can be stuck onto the door frame with the 3M double sided tape provided.

Installation Instructions for the storage hanger: 

You will need:

  • Use Methylated Spirits to clean area
  • A cloth to clean the area
  • A lighter to heat double sided tape before applying.

Steps to install the storage hanger:

(Kindly read through before starting the installation process)

  1. Before sticking the product down, ensure you and your family are happy with the placement.
  2. Install high up, out of babies reach
  3. Clean areas with methylated spirits, ensuring the area is completely dry before you apply the product.
  4. Remove film from double sided tape and use a lighter to heat the double-sided tape slightly, this is a trick that makes it extra sticky so that it stick properly.
  5. Hold for 20 seconds
  6. Allow the double-sided tape to set for at least 12hrs before using.
  7. Make sure you clean up afterwards, discarding of any packaging.
  8. Store the methylated spirits out of reach, or in a child proofed cabinet
  9. Give proper instructions on how to operate the lock to other occupants.

Safety Tips

Visit my blog for more Tips on How to Child Proof your Home


Perma Child Safety


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2 reviews for Door Hinge Gap Protector – 2 Pack

  1. Kai Mi

    Good quality product.

  2. Steve Martin

    Awesome, simple, and so effective! Protects our little guys fingers from getting slammed and the doors from slamming loudly when he is sleeping.

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