Baby Proof Toilet Lock Product Features:

  • Colour: White and Grey – refer to product images
  • Size: 20cm*5.5cm*1.4cm
    Material: ABS resin + PE safety lock
  • Special Feature:  Length can be adjusted
  • Main Function:
    • Helps prevent baby from harmful bacteria found in your toilet;
    • Climbing into the toilet
    • Throwing and flushing items/precious pets down the toilet.

How to use:  

  • To open: Pinch side clips simultaneously, whilst pulling the connector.
  • To close: Pinch side clips simultaneously, whilst putting the connector back in place and release.

Baby Proof Toilet Lock Installation Instructions: 

You will need:

  • Methylated Spirits to clean area where the product will be installed.
  • A cloth to clean the area

Steps to install:

(Kindly read through before starting)

  1. Ensure your child is being supervised by an informed caregiver.
  2. Before sticking the product down, ensure you are happy with the placement.
  3. Clean areas with methylated spirits, ensuring the area is completely dry before you apply the product.
  4. Remove film from double sided tape and stick down.
  5. Leave adhesive to set for at least 24 hours before operating.
  6. Clean up afterwards, discarding any packaging.
  7. Store the methylated spirits out of reach, or in a child proofed cabinet.
  8. Give proper instructions on how to operate the lock to other occupants and house guests.

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  • It only takes 2.5 cm of water for a child to drown. Take all precautions to make sure that your child is not left unattended around any water.
  • Never leave your child unsupervised in the bathroom. Make sure you accompany them into the bathroom every time to prevent injuries.

READ MORE…Tips on how to child proof your bathroom



Grey, White


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