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Childproof Stove Knob Covers – Black


Our Childproof Stove Knob Covers prevent little ones from turning knobs on and off around stoves and ovens.

ADDITIONAL USE: These can also be installed on your washing machine on/off button preventing your little one from turning the machine off during a cycle.

  • Colour: Semi Transparent Black
  • Available to order in the following pack quantities:  2 | 4
  • Product size: Inside Diameter of 5.5cm | Height: 4cm Inside Diameter of 5.5cm | Height: 4cm | Total Diameter: 6cm (Knobs on most ovens are detachable, so you can take them off, stick the knob cover down, and clip the knob back in)
  • Material: Non-toxic PS/ABS Plastic

NB: Make sure you measure your knob before you order.  The cover inside measures 5.5 cm in diameter with a height of 4 cm, the knob must be able to fit inside the cover with the lid closed. The total diameter is 6cm, ensure there is enough space between knobs to accomodate the cover.

*Scroll down for more info, including installation instructions and how to use.