Baby Toddler Head Protectors

Baby toddler head protectors provide an ideal solution to help protect sensitive spots on the head when your baby learns to crawl, sit or walk.  Ideally suited for ages: 8-24 months.

Also ideal for children with special needs; children who have recently undergone head surgery or incurred a minor fracture to the skull.

Getting your baby to wear anything on their head can be a huge challenge.

It is best to introduce your baby to hats/head helmets/protectors at an early age, as it will be more readily accepted. (The acceptance of a head helmets/protectors/hats will also help promote the wearing of a cycle helmet when that time comes.)

Ideally your little one should be used to wearing a sun hat before being introduced to a baby toddler head protectors.

Useful tips and tricks to overcome this challenge:

When first introducing your little adventurer to a baby toddler head protector, let them play with it first for a day or two, so they become familiar with the item. Once you see they are interacting with it by themselves; starting make funny gestures, like placing it on your own head, whilst laughing and joking around. This is a ‘monkey see, monkey do kind’ fun kind of technique.

The next step would be to gently, and with perseverance place the hat/head helmets/protector on baby/toddler’s head for just a couple of minutes a day, followed by prolonged lengths of time as you see they become more and more comfortable with wearing it.

The process seems cumbersome; However, keep your eye on the goal and in the end it will help you save time, money and even possible trauma.

With toddlers on the other hand, there may be some resistance, as most children don’t like to wear hats at the best of times. It is easier to try putting on a head helmets/protector to your child when he is preoccupied with playing or just before leaving the house or going out to the garden, distraction is key. Sometimes if it’s all done fast with excitement, there is no time for the toddler to realize he has had the hat put on!

If it doesn’t work first time, don’t let it ruin your child’s fun. After all, it’s more important to develop emotional skills than motor skills. Try again another time with gentle perseverance and praise. It will work eventually.

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Bumper Buddy Baby Protective Headgear


Bumper Buddy Baby Protective Headgear


Worn by infants and toddlers when learning to crawl, walk and during play.

The Bumper Buddy Baby Protective Headgear is the perfect companion to help mitigate damage to the head when collisions occur, ideally suited for ages: 7-24+ months.

Also ideal for children with special needs, and children who have recently undergone head surgery or incurred a minor skull fracture.

  • Available in 3 adorable themes:  Teddy | Bunny & Lion
  • Strategically placed ventilation holes allow heat out (Please scroll down for safety warning!)
  • Applicable Age: 7-24 Months
  • Comfortable and lightweight Designed with comfort and safety in mind.  Comfortable (stretchy), circumference band allows for growth and ventilation. Ultra-lightweight materials avoid pressure on developing neck muscles.
  • Cute And Unique Your baby will look adorable in his/her new little bumper buddy. Choose a theme to suit their personality!
  • Adjustable Size: Head circumference of 43-52cm
  • Adjustable soft (stretchy), elastic chinstrap.

*Scroll down for more info, including tips on how to get your baby to wear it*

♥  Shipped and at your door in 2-3 working days! Courier Fees Apply from R65 (JHB/Midrand/PTA) – Other regions in South Africa vary