Children love to splash around in water — and an open toilet bowl provides a great opportunity. It also provides ample opportunity for trouble.  Aside from potential drownings, toilet bowl lids can crash down on your little one’s fingers or bonk them in the head.  Other hazards include:  flooding the house,  harmful bacteria,  flushing random objects/precious pets and valuable devices down the loo.

Installing a toilet lock will help prevent any potential dangers and hazards.  When choosing a toilet lock, remember to check if your toilet bowl is round or square, ensuring that the toilet lock (with its double sided tape) will sit flush on the surface and stick down properly.  Remember to follow the installation instructions at the bottom of each product page thoroughly.

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Baby Proof Toilet Lock


The Baby Proof Toilet Lock helps prevent baby from harmful bacteria found in your toilet; Climbing into the toilet as well as throwing and flushing items/precious pets down the toilet.

  • Shipped and at your door in 1-2 working days! Courier Fees Apply from R75 (JHB/Midrand/PTA)