Thank you for getting on board with Baby Proof and taking this important first step in your child’s future. 

I would like to welcome you into my safety net!

Kindly note:  Baby Proof is based in Johannesburg, and I currently only do call-outs and installations in this area and surrounding areas within a 50km radius


How it works:

  • First, we schedule an appointment at your home
  • I charge R1250 for the initial safety assessment at your home, with a R300 Cash back on acceptance of the quote to Baby Proof your home.
  • During the consultation, I will identify all the hot spots, take proper measurements where necessary & show you samples of the products I recommend we install to guard your little one against potential danger and injuries.
  • Following the consultation, I will supply you with a detailed estimate of what it will cost to Baby Proof your home, including the installation of products.
  • On acceptance of this quote and once we are in receipt of your deposit, the Installation is booked 4-6 working days thereafter to allow for product delivery.
  • The installation fee is worked out on 30% of the product total, however we have a minimum installation fee of R 1500.
  • The consultation fee of R1250 must be paid in full prior to me coming out.

Baby Proof | Johannesburg | South Africa

Your complete, hassle free solution to a child proof home!

★ Approved and tested safety products

★ Installed by professionals 

★ 12 Years of experience in the industry 

Baby-proofing has never been this easy – From identifying potential hot spots in your home; choosing child safety products specific to your needs; to installing these devices properly & effectively – we cover it all!

So when your little one’s just cruising for a bruising, our uncompromising service will cushion their fall. By Baby proofing not only will you gain awareness of the possible dangers in your home but you will obtain solutions to help keep your Baby Safe.

On average babies start to crawl at 8 months, which means many get moving even earlier. A crawling baby will soon start pulling up too, which means counters and other surfaces are no longer out of reach. We, as adults take a lot of things in our home for granted, because we have learnt to handle them. Getting down on all fours helps us see the world in a new way & opens up our eyes to potential dangers we may not have thought about. This simple exercise will really help you recognize the dangers that exist for children & you’ll be well on your way to a healthy & safety conscious frame of mind.

The goal of child proofing your home is not to turn your home into a prison-like setting that completely inhibits a child’s ability to explore and develop. Rather, child proofing should balance such factors as safety, aesthetics, cost, child supervision level, and liveability.

Important Notice:

Please note that under no circumstances does any environmental modification or safety device installed by Baby Proof act as a substitute for an informed caregiver. Adult supervision is ALWAYS a prerequisite when infants & children are present – with or without baby proofing. Safety Products installed by Baby Proof must only be regarded as a supplementary measure.